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How to Control Autism


Autism is a neurological disorder that affects children of below three years of age. Autism is characterized by an inability to respond, communicate, and socialize with others. Autism affects the process of passing information in the brain. The information must be transmitted to the brain for interpretation before a response is given by the effectors of the body. Effectors are usually structures that show a response in the body such as muscles and organs. Kids who have autism find it hard to concentrate when listening to others. This can be seen when a kid is listening to their teacher. Children with autism also have inappropriate moods. It can be very threatening to have a kid suffering from autism. Any disease that affects the brains is considered to be dangerous when it comes to reasoning and making judgments. Many things cause autism. One of the things that cause autism is electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves come from electronic equipment such as cell phones, TVs, radios, and remote controllers. The production of electronic devices has been facilitated by growth in technology.


The world is full of electronic items that produce electromagnetic waves. Coming across homes without electronic equipment is rare. The electromagnetic waves from such devices get transmitted into the body of pregnant mothers and further to the developing fetus to cause autism. It is very hard to notice the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves. Get more facts about ADHD at


One realizes the destruction caused by electromagnetic waves later in life. Electromagnetic waves are also known to affect the reproductive organs of the males. Males who get exposed to electromagnetic waves become infertile at some point in their life. Autism is also caused by neurotoxins. Examples of types of neurotoxins are mercury, herbicides, and pesticides. Mercury is one of the metals that is used in industries. Mercury gets into the body of kids through the food chain. The food chain starts from plants and later to animals and human beings. Read more about aspergers portland here!


Mercury gets into the plant by absorption process in the roots. Human beings take the mercury when they eat these plants. Autism can also be caused by diseased genes and microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. There are various ways of controlling aspergers boise. Autism can be managed by taking foods such as fruits and vegetables. These types of foods are known to have the ability to remove metals and chemical that cause autism from the body. Pregnant mothers should always stay away from electromagnetic waves emitting equipment all times. People should refrain from planting crops near industries that use mercury in their productive activities. Farmers should wear protective equipment when controlling pests and herbs in their farms using pesticides and herbicides.