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ADHD and Autism

Have you met abnormal people in the streets and wondered what function of nature is happening/ you have convinced yourself that it's not madness. This condition is either the adhd or the autism. Autism can be defined to be a state that one acquires when they don't interact with humans for quite long. This, however, means that since one was born, they have never lived and interacted with the human. The case is different when one lives with the human after birth and stays away from people after a while. There are various case studies that have shown human to acquire another state in mind when they don't live with people for long. It is hard to explain scientifically, but researches have been carried since a young French boy was found in the forest wandering. This boy had never interacted with a human and had a different behavior. His response system was poor. It seemed his brain was infected with software that controlled him. The boy took long to respond and never behaved like the human. He lacked various characters and abilities. The condition cannot be termed to be genetic or either caused by genetic variations. It's rather acquired from environmental issues. Various researches have been carried out to explain and there some theories that explain this condition. The autism lake oswego is reported in almost all parts of the world.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) on the other hand is believed to be a mental disorder that is created by mental health field for financial gains. It is more of behavior rather than genetically inherited and is similar to autism portland. Adhd is mostly experienced in children. This disorder has been noted in the modern world. It was first described by Dr. Heinrich Hoffman at around 1845. The most recent case was in 1960 and was referred as Minimal Brain Dysfunction.


It later changed to Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and was divided into four categories. The most observed symptoms of this disorder are the behavior to keep moving like you are pulled by force. Feeling restless always is another indicator of this disorder. Another symbol is talking excessively and too fast. Somebody suffering from this will always seem to be unsocial and unwelcoming. The most visible category is the Hyperactive-Impulsive Type. It is distinguishable and recognizable even by an oblivious person. Guardians of such child's always notice anger, a lot of frustration even from simple things. Therefore if you find people with either of this condition or both, seek advanced medical advice early. The disorder exists in the current world and researches are underway. Discover more facts about ADHD at